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The Gardens Between
  • Meet the Makers

    Videoconference Series

    Program Duration: 45 mins includes Q&A

    Admission: Free, online registration essential (below)

    Discover the creative practice of accomplished and talented screen professionals, including ACMI’s own creative experts, emerging artists and young creatives. Learn from their experience and get tips for your own.

    Check back for 2017 dates.

    Please note: This videoconference and attendees will be recorded and possibly be made available online.

    Past Events

    Story In A Game Space With Brooke Maggs

    Thu Oct 20 2016 at 10:15am: Story in a Game Space with Brooke Maggs

    Brooke Maggs is a freelance writer, narrative designer and producer. Her current projects include The Gardens Between, an adventure puzzle game for mobile, and Earthlight, a virtual reality game about the wonders and perils of space.

    In this session, she will share her experience coming to game development as a writer on The Gardens Between, a game with no text or speech. Working in a team of game developers is fun and challenging. Brooke will provide insight into the day-to-day of a game studio and storytelling in games.

     The Who And How Of Creating Video Games With Emilie Poissenot

    Thu Aug 4 2016: The ‘Who and How’ of Creating Video Games with Emilie Poissenot

    Emilie Poissenot is a Lead Game Designer at Firemonkeys (an EA Studio) in Melbourne. She leads a team of game designers in creating content for The Sims FreePlay ( In this free-to-play game for smartphones and tablets, you can create an entire town of Sims with their own styles, personalities and dreams!

    Join this session to learn about the creative collaboration that goes into making a video game.  Discover how a development team delivers the best interactivity and play, and what place game development occupies in the context of the wider moving image industry.

    The Construction Of Images To Tell A Story With Peter Carnavas 

    Thu May 5 2016: The Construction of Images to Tell a Story with Peter Carnavas

    Peter Carnavas is an author and illustrator who creates picture books for children and grown-ups to enjoy. He writes simple yet poignant tales, accompanied by whimsical illustrations which have been nominated for many awards. His books have been translated into various languages, including German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

    Co-presented with ALEA, this session explores the layers of meaning created for readers in Peter’s quirky and imaginative illustrations. Click here to find out more about Peter and his work.

    Producing Virtual Reality With Astrid Scott

    Thu Mar 3 2016: Producing Virtual Reality with Astrid Scott 

    Astrid is a Senior Producer and Experience Strategist for the ABC's Research and Development group. Their role is to demonstrate future ABC Experiences and help the ABC plan 5-10 years ahead. 

    The ABC filmed it's first Virtual Reality experience at Queensland's Warwick Rodeo in October 2015. Find out what is involved in this kind of production and what the content makers need to think about when creating 360 and immersive experiences. Join this fascinating and informative videoconference to find out.