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Students film a television show inside ACMI's Studio 1
  • Make a Live TV Show

    Workshop, Years 9 and 10

    In this program, students are exposed to the complexity, spontaneity and intensity of producing live television. They create their own news-style show taking on the key production roles of news anchors, live reporters on location and various technical roles.

    Cost: $550 per workshop (max 30 students)

    Outline of studio 1 workshop at ACMI: 
    9.45am: Arrival at ACMI School Entrance
    10.00am: Introduction to ACMI and program
    10.30am: Morning tea break
    11.00am: Group 1 - production (Studio 1), Group 2 - visit ACMI Screen Worlds
    12.00am: Group 2 - production (Studio 1), Group 1 - visit ACMI Screen Worlds
    1.00pm: Lunch break (Editing by ACMI)
    2.00pm: Premiere screening and reflection
    2.30pm: Conclusion of program