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Teacher speaks to group
  • Kung Fu Panda

    Film Program, Years 3 and 4

    Mark Osborne, John Stevenson, 92 mins, USA, 2008

    Inspired by the traditional art of kung fu and set in ancient China, Kung Fu Panda tells the story of Po, a panda who loves kung fu more than anything else in the world. Despite his cuddly appearance and lack of martial arts training, Po is chosen to be the Dragon Warrior and protect his village against the evil snow leopard, Tai Lung.

    However, Po’s gentle nature and cuddly physique make him an unlikely Dragon Warrior. He trains with Master Shifu, one of the most skilled kung fu artists in the land, who teaches him to use his love for food to perfect his martial arts skills. In this beautiful film we discover what it takes to be a hero. 

    The introduction highlights the animation production process focusing on character design and the extraordinary use of colour in the film.

    Admission: $10 per student (min 30 students, max 160 students)

    Program Duration: This program runs for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes. This includes an introduction followed by a screening of the film.