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Actor, Ethan Hawke, walks down a futuristic hallway
  • Gattaca

    Film Program, Year 11, VCE English

    Andrew Niccol, 106 Mins, Usa, 1997

    Set in the not-too-distant future, Gattaca portrays a clinical society focused on the attainment of genetic perfection through reproductive technology. Born without the aid of this technology, Vincent Freeman strives to overcome his genetic flaws to achieve his dream.

    The lecture focuses on the film's examination of identity, human aspiration and the idea of progress. The program can also be structured around the context theme of Exploring Issues of Belonging and Identity.

    Admission: $15 per student (min 30 students, max 160 students)

    Program Duration: This program runs for approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes. This includes a screening of the film, a short interval and a 60 minute lecture.