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A family clinking glasses at the dining table Pizzini Family Lunch
  • About Wangaratta

    Sitting at the junction of the Ovens and King Rivers in Northern Central Victoria, Wangaratta is a thriving wine and gourmet region at the base of the Alpine ski fields.

    In 2012, ACMI film crews visited the towns Whitfield, Whitlands, Greta and Eldorado creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in Wangaratta.



    The Pizzini Family (10 mins 26 secs) 

    An Italian family made unique by three generations of winemakers and master chefs. Meet Natalie, Alfred, Arnold, Katrina, Carla and matriarch Rosetta Pizzini, hear about the four brothers that immigrated to Australia and started farming tobacco, eventually diversifying to Italian variety grapes.

    Now the Pizzinis make wine, run a cooking school and manage a boutique hotel in Whitfield, but the still the most important part of their day is when they sit together and share a meal, a glass of wine and a laugh. 

    The Whitlands Plateau (10 mins) 

    Distance is no barrier to this active group of entrepreneurs who have a rich history of community spirit.

    Cook’s Family Farm (9 mins 45 secs) 

    Meet the Cook family and spend time with three generations as they muster and milk cows.


    The Greta Bunyip Newsletter (9 mins 29 secs) 

    We meet a couple of the volunteers who deliver the local newsletter as they shed a unique light on Greta’s history and community. 

    Greta Craft Group (6 mins 12 secs) 

    Women come from great distances bringing their knitting needles, sewing machines and a good yarn to the weekly Greta Craft Group. 

    The Greta Swamp (9 mins 10 secs) 

    The area surrounding Greta used to be a swamp, home to wildlife and the mythical Bunyip creature. Meet the locals that are revegetating land and restoring balance to the environment.



    Artists of Eldorado  (11 mins 45 secs) 

    Meet local artists Maureen Hearn, Denise Ellison, Thea Day, Sandra Buchan and Sam Anderson, and learn about their inspirations and artistic practice. 

    The Eldorado Museum (9 mins) 

    Sue Phillips, Sandra Buchan and Geoff Milne take us on a tour of the Eldorado Museum and share the rich history of the pioneering families who brought infrastructure and made the town of Eldorado what it is today 

    Folk Rhythm & Life (13 mins) 

    We meet the Skermer Famliy who have been running the Bilyana Folk Rhythm & Life Festival since 1996 raising funds for local and international charities. The festival has always been environmentally sustainable, with the original “drop dunnies” inspired by Hamish Skermer now being used not only in Eldorado but also at festivals in Australia and overseas.

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