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A farmer milks a cow Dairy Farming in South Gippsland
  • About South Gippsland

    With some of the most spectacular coastal regions in Victoria, South Gippsland is a hive of farming, arts and community life.

    In 2009, ACMI film crews visited the towns MeeniyanLoch, Poowong, Nyora, Bena, Mirboo North and Mount Best and creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in South Gippsland.



    Life is What You Make It (15 mins) Bob Bloch and Frank Arndt are both war veterans with very different stories but the same vibrant enthusiasm for life. Bob Bloch ran the Meeniyan Pharmacy for over fifty years while living out his boyhood dream of becoming a pilot and restoring vintage cars. Frank Arndt, while a new comer to the town feels has finally found his rightful place in Meeniyan and is heavily involved in community activities such as Contract Bridge and table tennis. 

    Meeniyan Junior CFA (5 mins) The next generation of fire fighters start young. In an effort to encourage the young people of Meeniyan become senior CFA members, the Meeniyan Junior CFA creates an atmosphere of fun and friendship while teaching these kids the basics of fire fighting.

    A day in the life of a Dairy Farm (9 mins)

    From sunrise to sunset, seven days a week, 365 days a year, a dairy farmer knows no rest. Spend a day with Les and Louise Calder on their dairy farm and observe the day to day life of a dairy farm. From artificial insemination to feeding and twice daily milking, come rain, hail or shine these farmers work from dusk till dawn, all day everyday.

    CBI Cluster

    Loch Ladies (13 mins)

    This film showcases the many women who drive business in the small Loch Village. The four women featured are representative of the many others who are involved in running businesses in the main street of Loch. These women are smart, funny, hard working, and driven individuals who have turned their passion into profit.

    Music is Sweet (9 mins)

    Share the joy of music with these amazing young voices from Poowong Consolidated School. Meet the kids and teachers of this inspirational primary school where writing, recording and performing songs is taught hand-in-hand with all the other standard subjects. Students of all grades are given the opportunity to express themselves through music and to perform their songs in front of their peers and the community.

    Mirboo North

    Young Voices of Mirboo North (7 mins)

    Do you want to know what this generation really thinks? Hear from the youth of Mirboo North, as they discuss matters of importance such as their future hopes, the threat of climate change and what they would miss most about living in their town.

    Vocal Nosh (7 mins)

    The power of song and food brings together a community for fun and companionship. A monthly gathering at the Grainstore in Mirboo North unites people with a love for singing and a desire to connect with others in their town.

    Lend us a Hand (11 mins)

    Like all small towns, Mirboo North survives on the support of its dedicated volunteers. This film features some of the many volunteer groups that are active in Mirboo North. From the local Op Shop to the Wednesday Warriors and the Mirboo North Times it captures the community spirit of giving.

    Mt Best

    This is Mt Best (7 mins) Meet the creatures that stir in the hills, forests and halls of Mt Best. The people of Mt Best are a special breed, with their Secret Men’s and Women’s Business, and their legend of the Bocce bird. This is a town that consists of a solitary hall but is a constant thriving hive of activity. Combined with the breathtaking views, Mt Best is a place of mystery, beauty and laughter.

    Artists of Mt Best (6 mins)

    Mt Best is full of artists who have been inspired by the beauty, changing light and drama of this region in the Strezlecki Ranges.  In this film we meet painters, photographers and musicians who talk about what drew them here, how the weather informs their work, and how the community inspires each other.

    Alternative Lifestyles (9 mins)

    From bubble wrap insulation to a Buddhist stupa, experience alternative living in Mt Best. Meet Dr Chalko and his environmentally sustainable house and see how he converted a freezer into a fridge that uses less power per hour than a light bulb uses per day. Michael and Mary moved to Mt Best to find peace and to live in harmony with their surrounds, in the process they built a Stupa and a labyrinth in their back yard and invite anyone who wishes to come and contemplate a moment of their time.

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