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  • Introduction

    In 2011, ACMI, in conjunction with the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Education Institute, developed a proposal for an educational filmmaking project called Movin’ In.

    The explicit aims of Movin’ In were to:

    • engage adolescents in learning, particularly those at the RCH with chronic health conditions and personal and family circumstances
    • develop the skills of participants in the art of digital storytelling
    • plan, shoot and edit a short film documenting the move to the new RCH from an adolescent’s perspective
    • strengthen the skills of RCH teachers to establish digital storytelling projects that enhance student engagement and performance

    The project has demonstrated the importance and usefulness of creative arts in helping hospitalised students engage with education. The participants displayed more enthusiasm and commitment to the project than for any other educational activity in hospital. Not only did the project inspire them, but it also opened up other opportunities for them.


    Student Outcomes

    Throughout the project, the participants developed technical filmmaking skills including:

    • brainstorming ideas through a thoughtful and carefully constructed “mind mapping” exercise
    • designing and constructing character
    • evaluating different film genres and approaches
    • understanding and completing storyboards
    • shooting live-action and stop-motion film
    • recording sound
    • using music and sound effects
    • editing film

    In capturing the interest and enthusiasm of students with a high risk of educational disengagement, the project has helped Education Institute teachers connect and reconnect students to broader educational pathways.

    The success of Movin’ In highlights the way filmmaking can be an effective tool to engage hospitalised students at risk of educational disengagement.