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A lady in an art studio Castlemaine Artist
  • About Mount Alexander

    Located in Central Victoria, in historic goldfield country, Mount Alexander Shire services a thriving arts community and various industries.

    In 2010, ACMI film crews visited the towns Castlemaine, Maldon and Newstead creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in Mount Alexander Shire.



    Theatre Royal (11 mins)

    A Castlemaine icon, the Theatre Royal is one of the oldest theatres in the country dating back to 1858.  The current owner, the projectionist, a burlesque performer and a local regular patron talk about their cinematic experiences, the history of the building, its architectural delights and how it is a major social centre for the town. Changing with the times, this is not only a single screen cinema it offers music nights, community events, artist markets and even boasts a theatre ghost. 

    Castlemaine Community Lunch (8:15 mins)

    The Castlemaine Community Lunch is a weekly event organised by the Castlemaine Community House. It brings people together in a warm and welcoming environment, encouraging and nurturing friendships and connections. Bringing together locals, old and new, it is also a chance to welcome newcomers into the community.

    Castlemaine Artists (7:30 mins)

    Castlemaine boasts a thriving art scene from emerging to established artists. This film looks at a number of different types of artists including mosaic artists, musicians, painters, and printmakers. They discuss how their immediate  environment has influenced their art and how the many artistic hubs become vibrant gathering spaces for the community.


    Shani (5:22 mins)

    Dynamic 18 year old Shani Aziz is a hip hop dancer living in the small town of Maldon where she runs the local fish and chip shop with her mother.  She started hip hop dancing with her brother as something fun to do but it has become her passion leading her to start a not-for-profit group to empower young people. She is an inspirational teacher offering the youth of the small town an outlet for fun and self expression.  

    Moving to Maldon (5:54 mins)

    Eric and Debra Watson came to Maldon for a long weekend, walked around and fell in love with the town.  They saw a church for sale and three days later purchased it and moved from Melbourne. The town felt like home from their first visit and while they feel close enough to the city, their kids have the chance of growing up in a safe  country environment where they can walk everywhere and just be kids.

    King of Maldon (7:50 mins)

    Glenn Roy, also known as ‘Kinga’, has lived in Maldon for 40 years and is considered a local treasure.  Once named the King of Maldon, he takes care of all the elderly in the town doing all sorts of odd jobs for them.  He has an obsession for collecting Victor lawnmowers which keeps him busy, as does his dogs and the various bands he performs in. His motto is to be happy and to make sure the town is happy, even if that means putting on a tutu and fishnets for the town Mardi Gras Easter parade.


    Newstead Community Garden (7:22 mins)

    When the town of Newstead held a summit in 2008, the idea of a community garden grew out of it. With the help of a grant and the support of locals and volunteers, the land surrounding the All Saints Anglican Church has become a thriving biodynamic garden.  It is a great place for the community to come together, dig and get to know one another.

    Gervasoni Family Estate (6 mins)

    Maurie Gervasoni’s grandfather settled in Newstead during the gold rush in the 1860’s and quickly designed and  built a family estate.  A love of music and dancing made the Yandoit houses a destination  for  vibrant country living. The stone house and former stables now remains a relic, but Maurie hopes that one day the place will be restored to its former glory.

    Newstead Swimming Pool (6:30 mins)

    The Newstead Pool is an important hub of the town and a community hang-out that gets very lively in the summer.  It is run by more than 50 volunteers and is a place for the community to gather and socialise, and has also been known for a sneaky skinny dip.

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