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An emergency response team stand beside a vehicle Colignan Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) from Hooked on Giving
  • About Mildura Shire

    Framed to the north by the Murray River, this agricultural region is a major fruit, vegetable and wine producer.

    In 2012, ACMI film crews visited the towns Mildura, Ouyen, Colignan and Nangiloc, creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in Mildura Shire.



    Rose Hill: Life on a String (7 mins)

    Rose is a 90 year-old woman whose passion in life is puppetry. Her studio in Mildura is filled with thousands of puppets, showcasing her family's life long work.

    Rose introduced puppets to her four sons as a way to enhance their learning. This started a fascination for her son Ross, who became a world renowned puppeteer, leading to his work with Jim Henson on the film Labyrinth. Rose is an inspirational and vibrant woman who is still active in her community.

    Young Philly (7 mins)

    Phillip is a 20-year-old Hip Hop artist from Mildura who won the prestigious Noel Tovey Achievement Award in 2010 (for Emerging Artist). Despite having a difficult start in life, Phil is intent on living a positive life and breaking the negative stereotypes associated with young Aboriginal people. He shares his passion for rapping with a desire to become a youth worker in the hopes of one day establishing a youth centre for Indigenous kids in Mildura.

    Sunraysia Ukulele Network (7 mins 20 secs)

    An unlikely group of people come together once a month to share their love of the Ukulele. They meet on the last Sunday of each month at a local landmark called The Old Cottage where they play the uke and have a sing-a-long. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to more experienced players, the door is always open


    Ouyen’s Roxy Theatre (8mins 25 secs)

    The Roxy Theatre in Ouyen was under threat of becoming an abandoned ruin until the community stepped in to save it. Originally opened in 1936 it eventually became one of the only tropical theatres in the southern region of Australia but was closed in 1971 due to the actions of rowdy youths (according to local myth). After 36 years of closure Jenny Heaslip took on the challenge of restoring the theatre and rallied over 250 local volunteers to help her. It is now an integral meeting point for the people of Ouyen not only because of fortnightly film screenings, but for community events, launches and celebrations. Run on a shoestring budget, The Roxy continues to rely upon volunteers and community fundraising to stay alive.

    Sustainable Ouyen (9mins 40 secs)

    Several years ago, a group of Ouyen Primary School students petitioned their local council to adopt a community recycling program. To everybody’s surprise the council not only provided an unprecedented household recycling service but did so at a loss. Since that time the community has launched a number of forward thinking initiatives with solar power, sustainable agriculture and improved water usage. Whether it’s the Ouyen Football Club, High School or local farmers, there’s an understanding that sustainable practices must be employed now in order for future Ouyen generations to benefit.

    The Ouyen Taxi Driver (7mins 35secs)

    The town of Ouyen has only one taxi driver. Meet Ross Missen and see the town of Ouyen through his eyes, meet some of his regular customers and learn why locals love him.

    Colignan & Nangiloc

    Grapes & Wine: A Family Tradition  (7mins 45 secs) 

    Lance Milne is a third generation farmer in Nangiloc-Colignan. He and his wife, Marina, own a large vineyard in Nangiloc and diversified their business by purchasing one of Mildura’s oldest wineries, Château Mildura. They supply their own grapes and grow citrus. Lance is a passionate horticulturalist and is heavily involved in preserving the important history of wine growing in the Mildura region. 

    Marion of Colignan (6 mins 45 secs) 

    Marion Peters loves living on the land. Despite having the opportunity of establishing a life in the city, she returned to her hometown to raise a family with her husband Geoff on a 12-hectare organic farm that they developed from scratch. Having overcome droughts, hailstorms and the large financial strain of maintaining a farm, Marion feels that things are finally looking up, with a bumper harvest of apples and promising yields of avocadoes and lemons. Marion is heavily involved in giving back to her community, pivotal in fundraising and ensuring community activities are maintained in a small town with a small population.  She believes that it is vital for locals to stay involved and active within their own community.

    Hooked on Giving (11 mins 20 secs )

    A small dedicated group of volunteers provide vital emergency service to their local community.

    Murray Allomes has been the team leader of the Nangiloc/Colignan Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) for 7 years. The small team of volunteers ensure that if an emergency takes place in their district assistance is provided quickly and with care. Despite the serious nature of their role within the community there’s always time for a laugh and a yarn about the strange and wonderful moments they encounter on the job.

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