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A production crew setup outside some light industrial buildings The crew in Mansfield
  • About Mansfield

    Situated at the foothills of the Victorian Alps, Mansfield is a bustling tourist destination servicing Mount Buller ski fields and the Victorian high country.

    In 2011, ACMI film crews visited the towns Mansfield, Tolmie and Jamieson creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in Mansfield Shire.



    A Tale of Two Cinemas (8.53 mins)

    A cinema can be much more than a place to see movies, as this story of the old Mansfield Cinema, and its modern counterpart – the totally digital Mansfield Armchair cinema – explores. When the old Mansfield Cinema closed down, the town lost its cultural centre. Years on, it took the brain wave of a local accountant, and a lot of community support to resurrect cinema in Mansfield. Building from strength to strength, Armchair Cinemas is unique in that it was the first totally digital cinema in Victoria, and it is almost exclusively run by teenagers from the local highschool.

    Three Stories about Agriculture in Mansfield (11.15 mins)

    Living on the land requires innovation and imagination these days. Three dynamic operators from the Mansfield Shire talk about the various challenges and rewards of working in the region. From the high-tech, computer controlled Murphy Fresh hydroponic tomato farm, to the glorious grounds of Kinloch Winery and the generations-old Delatite Station: these modern day “farmers” reflect on their great fortune at being able to run their operations in such a rich and diverse community.

    Embracing Difference - Supporting Autism in Mansfield (9.11 mins)

    Mansfield is home to groundbreaking services for Autistic children and their families. With a history dating back to the 1960s, when pioneering Doctor Joan Curtis held the first Family Camps for children with Autism, Mansfield has been uniquely engaged with their Autistic community. Now boasting a world leading set of services, Embracing Difference explores the variety of ways Mansfield empowers people in the community with Autism to live full, satisfying and independent lives.


    Coming Together (11 mins)

    Tolmie is a small town with a surprisingly rich and varied social life. A town with no shops, cafes or main drag to speak of, Tolmie boasts over a dozen clubs, groups and community groups, all of whom came together one night tell us what makes Tolmie tick. Centering around the Pub and the community-restored Mechanic’s Hall, everyone from the “Secret Bikers Stuff” group, to the “Unfinished Craft Object” (UFO for short) club, gather to share the secrets of their resourcefulness, irreverent sense of humour and collaborative spirit.

    Tolmie Sports (7.06 mins)

    The Tolmie Sports is a celebration of community and High Country Heritage. A yearly event, it draws people from far and wide to the tiny town of Tolmie, to revel in events such as the Wood Chop, equestrian sports, and the epic and highly elaborate “Three Man Race”. “Old-Timers” Mick, Don and Sheila reflect on the history of the event, and some of its more colourful days. 2011 marked the 125th anniversary of the sports, and Tolmie Sports Committee Vice President explains some of the planning that goes into an event of its kind.

    Building in Tolmie  (8.14 mins)

    The Valcich’s fell in love with Tolmie the moment they saw it – 12 years on, they are still building their dream home on their block of paradise. Little by little they have assembled a unique and sustainable home using timber and stone from their land and a multitude of reclaimed materials. These gentle souls tell us a little bit about what Tolmie means to them, and how they have been able to contribute to the community through the CFA and various social groups over the years.


    Why We Luv Jammo  (7.54 mins) 

    A diverse cross section of the “Jammo” community, tell us why they’ve chosen this particular slice of heaven to call home. The post-mistress, the erstwhile town photographer, the caravan park operator and a handful of other locals explain how they came to live in Jamieson and how the peace, quiet and stunning natural beauty have convinced them there is really no better place to live. The rustling of the wind in the trees, native bird calls and tinkling waterways contribute a natural soundtrack which helps evoke this unique place. 

    Jamieson Primary School (8.13 mins) 

    Jamieson is fiercely proud and protective of its historical Primary School. With a school population hanging on for dear life, they understand only too well how much a primary school is the beating heart of a small community. It is also a place where lifelong friendships are forged, and the school communities (past and present) come together here to reflect on the ties that bind them to Jamieson. Principal Genevieve Bolwell also discusses the exciting school programs, which will take the next generation into the future.


    The Island  (7.12 mins) 

    The spirit of volunteerism is alive and well in Jamieson, where a small group of retirees have painstakingly transformed an overgrown eyesore into a beautiful recreational park the whole town can enjoy. Once an inaccessible, snake-ridden wilderness, this patch of land between the Goulburn and Jamieson rivers (not a true island) has had a storied history.  Although subject to a few setbacks after recent flooding, this gang of ex-farmers explains how it was with sheer hard work that they were able to turn around the fortunes of the Island around, and restore it to the local community.  

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