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Low cloud sits above a valley Scenic Beechworth
  • About Indigo

    Indigo is a wine and gourmet area in the North East of Victoria as well as being steeped in gold rush and bushranger history.

    In 2010, ACMI film crews visited the towns Beechworth, Rutherglen and Yackandandah creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in Indigo Shire.



    The Niklaus family of Beechworth (7:50 mins)

    Knowing your passion in life and then making a living out of it is every ones dream. Three generations of the Niklaus family are living the dream as bee farmers in Beechworth. Keith, his son Andrej and his grandson Thomas want for no other life than to wake up in the morning check on the bees and cultivate honey.

    In times of draught or floods they have to travel long distances to find the right place for their bees to pollinate, making bee farming a diverse and rewarding lifestyle.

    From Latvia to Beechworth: Personal Journeys  (11 mins)

    Beate and Marta immigrated to Australia with their families, changing their lives for ever. Leaving behind their native Latvia both women struggled with acceptance, a new language, new customs and a foreign environment. This film showcases the strength, humour and humanity needed to survive and to flourish in a new land. Inga, her mother Beate and their friend Marta reflect on their lives and traditions, old and new.

    Below Beechworth (9 mins)

    Starting at the Bourke Museum, local guide Dan Goonan, gives us a short history lesson about the gold rush days of Beechworth. We then follow Dan as he takes us on a tour of the hidden underground tunnels which remain as a legacy of the gold rush. This film explores what lies below Beechworth, the parts you rarely see. 


    Loving our Bottle (9:50 mins)

    The Bottle in Rutherglen is a landmark that everyone in town has a connection to. Originally used as the town’s water tower, an iron mesh addition transformed it into the wine bottle of Rutherglen, a beacon by which locals find their way home.

    Brendan Smith: Making a Difference in Rutherglen (9:10 mins)

    A self proclaimed average Joe, Brendan Smith offers his insatiable enthusiasm and passion for all things audio visual, installing professional standard lighting and sound equipment in the local hall, making it possible for everyone in the community to connect with the arts.

    Only in Rutherglen (12:55 mins)

    From classic cars to Parker pies, from crafty ladies to clocks and watches, with a cooper from the Keg Factory thrown in, only in Rutherglen would you find such businesses side by side in the main street.


    YCDco- A Story of Community Support (9 mins)

    Under the threat of closure to the only service station in town, seven local people got together and decided to do something positive about it. They formed the Yackandandah Community Development Company Pty Ltd - YCDCo.  To build a new fuel outlet, a share offer was launched to the community and over $400,000 was raised.  Now almost every one in Yack is a shareholder and receives a dividend each year. But the most valuable dividends are not monetary.  YCDco contributes funds to  the local newspaper, it is integral to the Yack Folk Festival and has funded many local schools, sports and community groups.

    Yackandandah Music (10:42 mins)

    The future stars of the Australian music industry are alive and well and living in Yackandandah. No matter where life takes them, music is sure to play a big part in the lives of these young musicians. From Richard Perso and The Two Girls to the tiny violinists from “Violindigo” the town of Yackandandah supports its emerging artists by providing them a stage at the Shed during the annual Yack Folk Festival.

    Crafts in Yackandandah (12:42 mins)

    Inspired by the changing landscape, the availability of raw materials and a sense of community, various talented crafts practitioners call Yackandandah home. From internationally recognised potter John Dermer and local weaver Jan Clements, to Christine Thorpe owner of Spiritus Gallery we are introduced to wood carvers, guitar makers and jewellery designers.

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