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A production crew interview a man at Mount Arapiles Rock Climbers at Mount Arapiles
  • About Horsham

    Located in the Wimmera region in the west of Victoria, Horsham is close to the beatiful Grampians National Park and Mount Arapiles; a hotspot for rock climbing and bush walking.

    In 2011, ACMI film crews visited the towns Horsham, Natimuk and Laharum creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in Horsham Shire.



    Horsham’s Op Shop Ladies (8:30 mins)

    Meet the women who volunteer their time to run Horsham’s Op Shops, share their enthusiasm and love for helping their community.

    Clarrie’s Ranch (6:30 mins)

    Clarence ‘Clarrie’ Mackley has built his own patch of paradise, a small ranch devoted to Slim Dusty, Elvis and all thing country and western.

    Horsham Greyhounds (14:45 mins)

    Meet the people that work at the greyhound races every Tuesday afternoon, mostly volunteers, they assist the dogs and their owners from vets checks, to wash downs to make sure that Horsham Greyhounds remains the safest race in Victoria. 


    The Natimuk Rock Climbers (9:30 mins)

    Louise Shepherd and Keith ‘Noddy’ Lockwood reminisce, tell anecdotes and reveal what makes a “mountain goat” tick, and how Mt Arapiles has shaped Natimuk’s destiny as an international destination for climbers.

    At the foot of Arapiles (9 mins)

    Meet the business owners and locals who call Natimuk home and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

    Dave Jones and his Giant Puppet  (8 mins)

    Dave Jones is an animator who moved to Natimuk about 10 years ago, follow him as he works on an ambitious live projection project involving a 14 metre high puppet, which will be suspended from the town grain silos.


    An Olive Grove in Laharum (8 mins)

    Toscana Olive Plantation and Laharum Grove both operate from the same original plantation of olives, working together to ensure the freshness, quality and flavour of their oil.

    Gil and Liz Hopkins (7:30 mins)

    Gil and Liz have lived in Laharum for over 30 years. They raised 3 children there, built their own home, which is nearly completely self-sufficient, with solar panels and reclaimed water. Their hope is to leave the land in better shape than they found it.

    The Gasifier (8 mins)

    Bill is tackling climate change in his own back yard, with the help of his mates John and Will, investigating the potential of using gasifier technology, which can be used to convert grain into fuel.

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