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An old family photo of children sitting on the grass
  • Introduction

    The Digital Storytelling program at ACMI runs regular workshops to guide people through the telling of a personal story using multimedia tools. Participants combine the audio visual resources of their personal archives (photographs, video footage, text, music and sound) to produce a 3-4 minute personal story which they then narrate.


    Telling Our Stories

    Digital Storytelling is a form of personal, heartfelt expression that enables individuals, communities and organisations to reclaim their personal cultures and stories while exploring their artistic creativity.

    The program provides the opportunity for organisations and communities to have a unique and powerful way to voice their message, while enriching the lives of the individuals who participate.  ACMI works with communities and key organisations to develop specific Digital Storytelling projects.

    An extraordinary range of organisations and communities have recorded and preserved their stories for future generations through the dynamic workshop program. These projects have produced powerful stories that examine all elements of being human - love, loss, recovery, isolation and celebration. Participants have created tributes to important people in their lives, told stories of experiencing or recovery from illness and explored the place where they live.



    The workshops are conducted in the ACMI Digital Studio, a state-of-the-art facility with 30 media stations equipped to create sophisticated digital stories.

    The course objectives are to:

    • Introduce the Digital Storytelling methodology into a dialogue about creating new media content.
    • Provide participants with an introduction to the tools of desktop video production.
    Mining my family history called up all sorts of unexpected emotional responses. The hothouse environment of the workshop provided me with the time and space to both 'skill up' in technical terms and to shape a personal process of memory into a 'record' of a particular moment in my family's life.

    Participant, ACMI digital storytelling workshop


    Workshop Content

    Storytelling overview and scripting process 
    An overview of storytelling along with examples of Digital Stories are covered to help participants understand how to construct a Digital Story.

    The major focus is on how to synthesise a story in a short media format with an emphasis on covering emotional content from the storyteller's perspective.

    Constructing a digital story
    Participants are introduced to the simple software programs they will use to create their stories. Other technical issues such as storyboarding, digitising story elements, introduction to editing systems and producing the Digital Story are covered. 

    Great attention is given to time management, troubleshooting and prioritising the process to assure the participants achieve the goal of a completed project.


    Who Can Participate?

    There are all kinds of stories in our lives that can be developed into multimedia pieces.  
    We all have a story to tell. 

    • Individuals - ACMI's Digital Storytelling workshops are open to all individuals who are interested in exploring the unique Digital Storytelling process. Individuals may have clear ideas of stories they want to create or they may simply be interested in investigating story options.
    • Community groups - Every community has a collective memory that is made up of many individual stories. In partnership with key organisations, community groups can create unique stories that ensure a community's vital memories and identities are preserved.
    • Corporate groups - Digital Storytelling offers countless opportunities to simply and creatively produce presentation content. Digital Storytelling can collect and document elements of corporate memory and the process can also provide a powerful teambuilding technique.

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