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A man in a hat stands in front of a weatherboard building Farmer from Colbo
  • About Campaspe

    Campaspe Shire is a thriving agricultural area in North central Victoria.

    In 2009, ACMI film crews visited the towns Nanneella, Gunbower and Colbinabbin creating films that celebrate local stories and explore the contemporary preoccupations of people living in Campaspe Shire.



    Thanks for the Memories (8 mins)

    The people of Nanneella understand the value of bringing the community together as a way of raising morale and showing support in times of hardship. The town organised a community event in honour of the ACMI in the Regions visit to film in the area. The theme was water and the event was called “Thanks for the Memories”.

    Over 100 people attended the event which featured; music, poetry, raffles, mystery objects, food and lots of laughter. 

    The Reserve (6 mins)

    This film shows what a group of passionate individuals can achieve to create a place for the whole town to enjoy. Volunteers and paid workers dedicated their time and energy to cleaning up Crown land in the middle of Nanneella. With assistance from the whole town and surrounding area the Nanneella Bushland Reserve is now used by the community for bon fires, social gatherings or just to sit and enjoy a picnic.

    Nanneella Primary School (8 mins)

    This small rural Primary School of 26 students is at the heart of Nanneella and its residents. With a motto of “A school and Community Together” the Primary School is an integral part of all town events and social gatherings. The students are engaging and fun young individuals with clear ideas and hopes for the future.  This film also features a performance from “Power Wars”, a musical piece that incorporates science and drama and won Nanneella Primary School the 2009 Archimedes Award. 


    McGillivray Family (8 mins)

    The story of the McGillivrays takes place in Gunbower on Saturday morning at the Gunbower Football Complex. This is a portrait of a family that has always worked the land, either as farmers or sheep shearers. They share their love of sports and concerns about the effects of the drought on small regional towns. All with a sense of humour and a never give up attitude that families need to survive in the current climate. 

    Gunbower: Family Albums (13 mins)

    This film features life long residents of Gunbower and their family connections to three historically rich properties. From Greg Toll’s ancestral home in Kow Swamp to the Old Butter Factory in the heart of the town to Masters Landing on the shores of the Murray River. Each location resonates with childhood memories of times past. 

    “Who gives a Stuff about the Farmer?” by JR Williams (4 mins)

     This provocative short documentary combines a song written by JR Williams about the plight of the dairy farmer with images of farmers at work in the Gunbower region. JR was inspired to write this song in response to the pipeline development that is set to take water from the Campaspe area to Melbourne. The song is to inform people, especially those living in the city that farmers are doing it tough and that taking water away from regional towns is not a sustainable solution for the city’s water shortage. 


    The Whistling Eagle (7 mins)

    The story of The Whistling Eagle winery is one of love: for wine, family and for each other.  Ian and Lynn Rathjen were the first couple to plant grape vines in the Colbinabbin area and present a very open and honest interview, giving insights into their lives together before and since starting the winery.

    My Colbo (16 mins)

    This film takes us on a tour of Colbinabbin and surrounds from the point of view of a number of locals. From the Old Cellar and Community Well to Chinaman’s Bend and Marian’s old family home whose walls are covered in writings from the past, this story is full of historical facts and current realities. It also includes the story of the short-lived but successful Colbinabbin Tractor Pull and the once vibrant Lake Cooper which is now dry and has been for some years.

    Colbo Nights (10 mins)

    Football practice, barbequed snags and a couple of beers at the pub. This is Thursday night in Colbinabbin and you can meet local characters such as Slab, Meathead and Stewballs. The atmosphere is one of a close knit community that loves sports, live music and supports each other through good times and bad. The documentary captures the spirit of the town, which is facing difficult times with the draught, as it continues to do all it can to provide its farmers and residents with moral and community support. 


    It’s Our Business (15:10 mins)

    These frank interviews with local business leaders from Lockington and its surrounding district reveal a place where the spirit of enterprise is alive and well and whole heartedly supported by the community. 

    Living in Locky: The Youth Perspective (3:17 mins)

    17 year old Locky local, Emma McInnes interviews a cross section of young people to find out what life in a rural town is really like. What is there to do? What the future holds and the all important question, are there many lookers in Locky? 

    Ladies of Lockington (3:17 mins)

    Meet the ladies who are at the heart of Lockington. These passionate and committed women get things done. They network, coordinate, manage and harness the talent that is available to them to improve and enhance the quality of life for all the families of Lockington and surrounding districts. 

    Locky by Night (6:24 mins)

    Meet Mark and Tanya the owners of the Lockington Hotel and share a night with the Lockington and Kotta and Rochester Instrumentalists (LAKARI) as they entertain the locals. 

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