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Three performers dancing Gaps, David Rosetzky

ACMI Commission: David Rosetzky

Co-commissioned by ACMI and Carriageworks in Sydney

Gallery 2, Tuesday 5 August 2014 – Sunday 8 February 2015

David Rosetzky is a Melbourne artist whose work has been exhibited widely throughout Australia and internationally. Gaps embodies Rosetzky’s ongoing exploration of personal identity and the relationship – or ‘gaps’ – between self and other through speech, movement and dance.

Rosetzky’s collaborators on Gaps include choreographer and performer Stephanie Lake, who also choreographed How to Feel (2011); co-writer Anna Zagala; and performers, Jessie Oshodi, Lee Serle, Rani Pramesti and Dimitri Baveas.

Drawing from material Rosetzky gathered conducting interviews with his cast, this new work is an oblique survey of the transition from rehearsal to performance, in both art and life. The artist workshopped the material with the performers, who come from acting and dance disciplines, over several days. Lake’s choreography, which integrates naturalistic and stylised movements, was also developed with input from the cast and Rosetzky during this rehearsal period. Long time collaborator David Franzke provides the music and sound design.  

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