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  • Screen It: Where Are They Now?


    Posted on: 18/07/2016

    Screen It is our national film, animation and video game competition for school aged students and 2016 marks its 12th year!

    One of the best parts about Screen It is seeing students come back year after year and to see their work improve each time. But what happens after our Screen It stars leave school?

    We like to think of Screen It as a big club, and we love catching up on how its members are going. So, we tracked down a couple of our past videogames winners to see where their successes have led them.

    Cameron Panzenbock

    Cameron Panzenbock took out Screen It’s Secondary Videogame category in both 2008 (Year 8) and 2010 (Year 10), with Down Under Dodge and Turmoil respectively.

    Cameron Panzenbock Screen It Blog

    Since those heady days of early promise, Cameron moved from Queensland to Sydney, where he is now at the University of New South Wales, studying a Bachelor of Engineering (honours), majoring in Computer Engineering.

    After graduating from high school in 2012, he found work with a software start-up company, Code Valley, joining their development team. For the following two years he worked full time with the company – towards the end quickly progressing to take senior developer responsibilities. Upon leaving this position to commence his undergraduate degree in 2015, he was the recipient of a number of scholarship awards from UNSW in recognition of his demonstrated leadership and previous academic excellence. In 2016, Cameron is heavily involved in his college and university environment – sitting on student council committees, doing well in his studies and now working as a casual tutor and demonstrator at UNSW for one of their first year computing courses.

    He has been recently accepted into a new software development role at Uprise, working on an online mental health therapy project. Aside from his more recent achievements, Cameron impressed the interviewers when he mentioned his Screen It projects, which indicted to them his affinity for self-learning.

    Cameron is socially conscious, with career objectives of making a positive and deliberate difference in others' lives, and solving key problems where it is in his power to do so. In both his personal and professional life he values good communication, understanding, discipline and structured use of time. He still attests to his participation in the Screen It competition as being a guiding force in his early career, encouraging him and steering him towards his passion for computing.

    Clark Lavery

    Clark Lavery has been a pioneer of videogame creation and related applications from a very young age, having won Screen It in 2006 (Year 10) for his videogame Treasure Trawler. During his secondary school years, Clark produced a website showcasing games he had created.

    Clark Lavery Screen It Blog

    Since his Screen It win and secondary school, Clark moved undertook a Bachelor of Computer Science, Games and Graphics Programming at RMIT (2009 – 2011). In 2012 he researched and developed a scalable illustrative mountain map generator as part of his RMIT Honours year. RMIT then snapped him up as a researcher in 2013 where he was able to continue his research and development of software for visualising and managing large scale databases.

    From 2010 to the present he has maintained a connection with RMIT as a Head Tutor teaching 3D Web Graphics, Web Development, C++ and Object-Oriented Programming, Digital Media Analysis and Manipulation.

    In 2014 Clark became a software engineer with LOKE Digital, responsible for Backend Programming of the server using Node and JavaScript; Client-Side Programming of web pages and web applications; and Visualisation and notification of outages and errors in the server.

    In the middle of 2015 he moved to Plattar as a Software developer. Plattar is an augmented reality (AR) enablement platform. Their beta platform (coming soon) has a template driven app builder and CMS for managing app pages and AR experiences. Clark is developing WebGL and User Interfaces to view and edit 3D augmented scenes, which they are already testing for a range of applications hopefully to be unleashed soon.

    Hearing From You

    We are beyond proud of all our Screen It entrants and would love to hear from you. If you have a story about your past Screen It production, or would like to let us know about the fabulous things you are up to, please email

    Screen It 2016 entries open 1 August and close 19 September, 2016. We cannot wait to see what creations are submitted this year!

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