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Screen It 2016 Blog Winners Feature The Mysterious Mister E
  • Screen It 2016 Winners


    Posted on: 09/11/2016

    This year we had a record number of over 587 entries created by more than 2,521 filmmakers, animators and game designers across Australia!

    Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners in this year's awards. 

    Amazing Mums (Winner)

    St Anthony’s Primary School, VIC (Junior Live Action)

    Have you ever wondered how your mum fits so much into a day? Well so has Sarah! Join her as she tries to figure out the mystery that is her mums schedule and how she could possibly fit so much into one day… she might just find out more than she bargained for!

    My Brother’s Bedroom (Winner)

    Table Cape Primary School, TAS (Junior Animation)

    My brother’s bedroom door was always closed. I was never allowed into his bedroom. What was the mystery? I couldn’t stand it any longer and had to risk everything to have a look at what was behind his bedroom door.


    The Black Hood Strikes (Winner)

    The Essington School, NT (Middle Animation)

    Priceless jewels were stolen from a rich family during their fancy ball. It's the BLACK HOOD!'. Only the local private investigator can get to the bottom of this terrible crime and find the black hood before he flees the country and it's too late. Will he stop him, will he survive, will he run out of fuel, who is the BLACK HOOD? So many questions, it's a mystery.

    A Wilted Flower (Winner)

    Blue Mountains Grammar School, NSW (Middle Live Action)

    In a student-made, psychological and mental-health themed short film, a girl, followed by the dark side and thoughts of herself must overcome a presence in her life, or fail and succumb to it. A dark cloud can wilt any flower, but can this flower find the light again?


    The Mysterious Mister E (Winner)

    Tom Barham, Mansfield State High School QLD (Senior Animation)

    Mister E is an enigmatic vigilante courier delivering packages that need to be hidden from an oppressive government, who monitor everything. But what will happen when the government catches on to Mister E’s mischievous movements? And what tricks does Mister E have up his sleeve to evade them?


    Extrasensory Perception (Winner)

    Tallulah Chong, St Mary’s, WA (Senior Live Action)

    Extrasensory Perception is a film which takes audiences on an emotional journey of confusion, suspense and realization. It is a complex narrative featuring an engaging crime and characters bearing supernatural powers…


    Games Winners

    Day One (Winner)

    Kingswood Primary School, VIC (Middle Videogame)

    In 2017, tens of thousands of Australians will battle the greatest mystery of their lives ... high school. In 'Day One', your mission is to survive your first day of high school. You will need to find your seat in assembly, learn a new instrument, escape detention, sprint 100 metres, destroy a vending machine, and dodge rubbish bins to ultimately find your classroom.

    The Adventures of the Lost Treasure (Winner)

    Bailey Marr, Bialik College, VIC (Senior Videogame)

    A choose your own adventure style game where you have to, you know, find treasure and stuff...and not die.

    There were three Encouragement Awards for the Junior Videogame category in 2016:
    The Mysterious Cannonball, Essex Heights Primary School, Mount Waverley, VIC
    Basketball, Hallett Cove South Primary School, Hallett Cove, SA
    The Mystery of Harold Holt, Mentone Grammar, Mentone, VIC


    Junior (Foundation – Year 4) Animation

    The Mystery of the Missing Sock; Mentone Grammar School; Mentone, VIC
    My Brother’s Bedroom; Table Cape Primary School; Wynyard, TAS
    Leaf Detective; Junction Park State School; Annerley, QLD
    The Identity; Preston West Primary School; Preston, VIC

    Junior (Foundation – Year 4) Live Action

    The Mystery of the Missing Bunnies; Wooranna Park Primary School; Dandenong North, VIC
    Amazing Mums; St Anthony’s Primary School; Noble Park, VIC
    Screen It Mystery; Essex Heights Primary School; Mt Waverley, VIC
    Random; Home School; South Murwillumbah, NSW
    The Genie; Cabramatta Public School; Cabramatta, NSW

    Middle (Year 5-8) Animation

    Grandma’s Gift; Table Cape Primary School; Wynyard, TAS
    Escape From the East; Ruby B; Leongatha, VIC
    The Black Hood Strikes; The Essington School; Nightcliff, NT
    Shadow Man; Doreen Primary School; Doreen, VIC
    All Washed Up; Yarraville West Primary School; Yarraville, VIC
    The Mystery of the Thylacine; Yarraville West Primary School; Yarraville, VIC

    Middle (Year 5-8) Live Action

    A Wilted Flower; Blue Mountains Grammar School; Wentworth Falls, NSW
    The Professor; Ryan and James T (Home School); Berry, NSW
    Dead End; Warracknabeal Secondary College; Warracknabeal, VIC
    Take Two; Gleneagles Secondary College; Endeavour Hills, VIC
    Flashes; Cecilia C; Yarraville, VIC
    Ghosts; Greta L; Subiaco, WA

    Middle (Year 5-8) Videogame

    End of the Line; Stuart C; Aldgate, SA
    Down to Earth; Mosman High School, Mosman, NSW
    Day One; Kingswood Primary School; Dingley Village, VIC
    Mots’ Mansion; Doreen Primary School; Doreen, VIC

    Senior (Year 9-12) Animation

    To Be Free; Canterbury College; Waterford, QLD
    Soap Opera; North Sydney Girls’ High School; Crows Nest, NSW
    The Escape; Alphington Grammar School; Alphington, VIC
    Puddle; Narissa A; Mansfield, QLD
    The Mysterious Mr E; Tom B; Mansfield, QLD
    The Ballerina; Takin N; Doncaster, VIC

    Senior (Year 9-12) Live Action

    Mr Sandman; Mentone Girls’ Secondary College; Mentone, VIC
    The Trouble With Time; Mazenod College; Perth, WA
    The Shackles You Cannot See; St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ College; Karrinyup, WA
    Extrasensory Perception; St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ College; Karrinyup, WA
    Hunger; Bialik College; Hawthorn, VIC
    Bumps; Kellyville High School; Kellyville, NSW

    Senior (Year 9-12) Videogame

    Dark Hours Forgotten Paths; Mansfield State High School; Mansfield, QLD
    The Adventures of the Lost Treasure; Bialik College; Hawthorn, VIC
    The Chilling Chase; Ursula Frayne Catholic College; Victoria Park, WA
    Out of the Darkness; Endeavour College; Mawson Lakes, SA

    Finalists Videos


    A big thank you to everyone who participated in Screen It 2016. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for the reveal of the 2017 theme!


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