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Comedian Luis wearing a funny jumper standing against a blue background for Melbourne Comedy Festival Lessons with Luis
  • Lessons with Luis: Cat Videos For Everyday Occasions


    Posted on: 24/03/2016



    Thank you for taking the time to click this. There are lots of things to click on the Internet and I am glad you chose this link. Sometimes I get confused on what to click because there are many flashing ads. Things that promise you money and free iPads and pictures of ladies licking lollipops - I don’t know what they are selling, but I know too much sugar is bad for your teeth.

    My name is Luis. Your friendly local teacher and entertainer and cat person. I love cats. I love cats so much that this is what this Internet link you clicked is about – CAT VIDEOS! Surprise! I hope you liked the surprise.

    These aren’t just regular videos though. They are cat videos that will help you get through your day, because every day is different, but every day can be improved by cats. The following list are cat videos you may never have seen that are appropriate for everyday situations, with a star review out of five to help you decide which videos to watch. I understand everyone is very busy nowadays, checking Facebook and taking photos of their feet at the beach for Instagram.

    Let’s begin.

    This video is perfect for when you run up to the train and the doors close right in front of you and you are sad because you just missed your train - if it wasn't for the person that pushed in front of you, you would be on time to work:

    Cat Hugging Its Owners Arm

    This video is great when you find a two-dollar coin in your pocket you forgot you had and now you have enough money to buy a chocolate drumstick from the milk bar:

    Uptown Funk Cat Version

    The is an appropriate video for when you return home from work and check the internet to see your Facebook feed is full of pictures of Donald Trump and you get very confused and upset:

    Cats That Look Like Donald Trump

    This will remedy those achy moments when your tummy hurts after eating the soft cheese that was in the fridge for over a month and you are stuck on the toilet for much longer than you wanted to:

    Nyan Cat (warning: this might eat up all your mobile phone data)

    This video wins the day when it comes to your little brother having bigger muscles than you and you try to exercise with him but the heavy weights hurt your palms:

    Yoga With Cats

    This is a classic one. Best for when the train inspectors give you a fine, even though the card reader at the station wasn't working and it isn't your fault. You plead with the inspector and he doesn’t believe you, saying you are a liar and that you will be fined. You get angry:

    Cat Scares Dog

    Perfect for that time after lunch - but before dinner - when you are so hungry, you cannot decide what to eat. This also can also be appropriate for when you go to a nice restaurant and everything on the menu looks delicious but and you cannot decide what to eat because you want to eat all the meals that are listed (even the tiramisu):

    Cat Eating Banana

    This video is the one to play when your favourite song plays on the radio – after you finish listening to your favourite song (hopefully a song about cats):

    Asian Guy with Cat Dancing to Hotline Bling


    This little number is for those moments that happen approximately every five years when you know it is time to throw out your oldest, most reliable, most comfortable, most favourite pair of shoes:

    Sad Cat Behind Window

    And after you have thrown out those shoes. This video is perfect for when you buy a new pair on special and feel like you can run as fast as The Flash. It takes a while to find your size, but the bargain price was worth it. Now you can run so fast!

    Cats Running Wheel


    Rad. Cool. Hooray. Congratulations! You have completed your everyday cat video list. Thank you for reading. I hope these videos help you through every day. I know they have for me. I love cats. Enjoy the rest of your day on the Internet and don’t forget, Cats Are Forever...

    That’s me, Luis (from Lessons with Luis), and my cat, Catty. See you soon at my shiny brand new Melbourne International Comedy Festival show. I guarantee I will be performing at least three songs about cats.

    Lessons with Luis is at ACMI for Melbourne Comedy Festival from Thursday 24 March.

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