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  • Games Lab Levels Up


    Posted on: 11/03/2016

    We love the video games we've housed in the Games Lab section of Screen Worlds, but gaming has come a long way since we opened in 2009.

    To reflect the change on the gaming landscape, we've just completely refreshed the Games Lab, which is free and open to everyone during museum hours.

    Check out the new games below!

    Acmi Games Lab Screen Worlds Blog 1

    Lumino City

    The BAFTA award winning follow up to Lumio, beautifully handcrafted dioramas photographed in HD and animated into a puzzle story which is meditative and wonderful to look at.


    Genre defying game, pared back design with no obvious rules, or winning conditions. Journey is an experience unto itself, as the player ever eeks forwards towards a mysterious mountain in the distance.

    Journey Gif Tw

    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Heavily inspired by Miyazaki animated features, Ori is a ‘Metroidvania’ game, taking a spin on the classic platformer, while bringing in stunning animation and environmental artwork. Rather than being a revolutionary game, this is taking a much loved game genre to its creative zenith.


    Angry, ugly and punk rock, Nidhogg is a Jackson Pollack hung in a gallery of Dutch masters. Its low fi graphics and stripped away gameplay bring intense twitchy fighting to a new place. A Daedalus soundtrack brings a glitch digital score and a round of showings in prestigious art galleries around the world make this worth looking into deeper.


    Imagine if all your favourite band members from the best indie bands got together to form a supergroup. Firewatch combines a narrative driven first person game, and adds stunning visual design from underground graphic design hero Olly Moss. Dripping with atmosphere and three dimensional characterisation, this is a game that is really something special.

    Broken Age

    With a BAFTA winning storyline, this point-and-click adventure from Tim Schafer draws gamers into an epic coming-of-age story that follows Vella Tartine and Shay Volta, two teenagers from radically different worlds trying to save their communities. 


    Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

    Not much we need to tell you about this one! It's the 15th iteration of Konami's beloved Pro Evolution Soccer series - GOAL!

    Soccer Pro Evolution 2016 Gif

    De Blob 2

    As Melbourne as a three quarter double shot flat white with almond milk, De Blob 2 is one of the largest games to be made in Melbourne in recent history. With a soundtrack performed by local funk band ‘The Bamboos’, the game has a whole family friendly vibe that hits the mark perfectly. In a world that has all colour drained by the evil Inky, De Blob attempts to bring back colour into the lives and world, jiving with a funky jazz soundtrack as he goes.

    Deblob2 810X400

    Mario Kart 8

    Do we need to tell you how awesome Mario Kart is and why you should come and play it? Probs not. Just steer clear of Luigi out there, he's a stone cold killer.


    Oh yeah, we also built a giant Minecraft mountain!


    Games Lab Blog Minecraft 1 Decent 2 

    Come down and get your gaming on in Screen Worlds daily from 10am-5pm

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