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    Posted on: 28/04/2016

    This is a podcast of the AIDC session Virtual Reality: Documentary Outside the Frame, bringing together Australian and international pioneers in documentary Virtual Reality. 

    The power for VR to create intense immersive experiences is an incredible tool. But as filmmaker Chris Milk states in his Ted Talk, How Virtual Reality can Create the Ultimate Empathy Machine, “unfortunately talking about Virtual Reality is like dancing about architecture… it’s an experiential medium.” It must be experienced.

    Producer from Melbourne’s VRTOV, Katy Morrison, makes powerful award winning VR documentaries. Katy asks how can the embodied VR experience become a tool for the storyteller? How can VR draw the audience in new directions? How can it reveal a truth that has never been conveyed before?

    Julie Young, Producer from Emblematic Group, discusses the positive impact effective VR can have on enhancing the audience’s empathy to your story. The feeling of presence of the experience.

    Astrid Scott, Senior Producer and Experience Strategist at the ABC, states “VR is just the tip of the iceberg for immersive experiences.” The ABC R&D team are considering a whole suite of emerging trends for a ‘world beyond the screen’. 

    ACMI has been embracing this experimental space too. VR Revolution during White Night 2016 saw crowds streaming out of the building waiting to experience the VR shorts. In March, Australian documentary filmmaker Matthew Bate’s work Stuck in the Middle with You literally placed the audience centre stage with the Sydney Ballet Company in the comfort of ACMI’s Lightwell.

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