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Sesame Street's Cookie Monster sits in the letter C of ACMI sign. Cookie Monster outside ACMI! Photo courtesy of Steffen Pedersen
  • Cookie Monster Visits ACMI


    Posted on: 18/03/2016

    Having delighted audiences and brightened our screens in a career that spans decades, it's no wonder that Seasame Street's most famous blue monster stopped by ACMI for his favourite treat, and to treat our lucky visitors who saw him in the fur!

    It's mid-morning on Thursday and a snack has been prepared for a very special, VIP guest!

    Cookie Monster Visit To Acmi 01

    Making his way past our bold and bright white letters on Flinders Street, Cookie Monster's striking blue fur is like a beacon. It's hard to miss him. While traveling up the ramp and into our building, a group of school students call out "you RULE Cookie Monster!" to which he replies "Oh thank you! Hey, you have any cookies for me?"

    His interest in cookies extends, it seems, into all facets of his life:

    ACMI is one of the stops that Cookie Monster is making on his whirlwind Australian tour. Arriving in Sydney, the Sesame Street icon visited Taronga Zoo and MCA before making the journey to Melbourne.

    With his eyes full of wiggly energy, the famous Muppet settles in for an interview with Kinderling Radio and our own resident reporter, Max. Wasting no time, Max takes the opportunity to ask the serious questions. Questions which we've all probably wanted to ask.

    Max: "So, Cookie Monster, how many cookies do you eat a day?"
    Cookie Monster: "Who counts?!"

    Max: "Do you like sports?"
    Cookie Monster: "I like cookie ball. It a game in which the ball a cookie. "
    Max: *giggles*

    Max: "What's your dad's name?"
    Cookie Monster: "Oh it Mr. Cookie Monster"

    Cookie Monster In Acmi Interview With Max

    After chatting, Max and Cookie make their way down into Screen Worlds. Immediately,  students taking notes about stop-motion animation and videogame development, and visitors wandering through the vibrant space, flock to the sweet-toothed monster.

    Cookie Monster's curiosity goes into excitement overload as he tries out the new games in our recently redeveloped Games Lab. The Muppet's silhouette against the sea of screens feels surreal as the kaleidoscopic lights shift and dance on his fur. It could be a cookie induced dream or a virtual reality work, but a small child hugging Cookie dispels this illusion.

    Acmi Games Lab Cookie Monster Visit

    Image of Cookie Monster in Screen Worlds. Photo courtesy of Steffen Pedersen

    After exploring our galleries, Cookie decides its time to do something very #Melbourne. So he goes for a big glass of organic, farm-fresh milk at our cafe with ACMI Staff Member, Andrea, who has a latte. Upon meeting one of her childhood heroes, Andrea remarks "I can't believe I got to have a coffee date with Cookie!"

    It's this kind of fondness that only certain icons in our lives can illicit, and if the cries of joy and "doughy-eyed" (sorry) onlookers are anything to go by, Cookie commands that X-Factor undoubtedly.

    Cookie Monster Andrea Acmi Bar Cafe

    Andrea and Cookie Monster in our cafe. Photo courtesy of Steffen Pedersen

    As we bid sweet farewell to the lovable childhood hero, ACMI Shop Supervisor Leaonna bestowed a special honour on Cookie along with a big hug. An ACMI Lifetime Membership!

    Cookie Monster Lifetime Acmi Member

    Cookie Monster receives a Lifetime Member award! Photo courtesy of Steffen Pedersen

    Cookie Monster, you're one of a kind. Come back anytime.

    Our Screen Worlds and Games Lab, part of the permanent exhibition, are open daily, 10am to 5pm.

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