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  • Comedian Laura Davis' Top 10 Films


    Posted on: 21/03/2016

    Ahead of her Melbourne International Comedy Festival show Marco. Polo. comedian Laura Davis explains how to keep it safe on the big screen.

    Hey ACMI fans, my name is Laura Davis. I'm an Australian Comedian known for my experimental stand-up shows. I've been asked to write this article because my show Marco. Polo is at ACMI this MICF. It's down in the basement and set in a swimming pool, where I perform the whole show blindfolded and balancing on top of a ladder.

    Whilst I'm excellent at blindfolded ladder balancing, I'm not sure if I'm the right person to be writing a 'Ten favourite movies' article. I have a weird glitch where I don't really enjoy watching movies where anything genuinely bad happens so that really narrows me down. I don't want to watch death, killing, heartbreak, disaster, or anything with two people raising their eyebrows at each other on the poster. That doesn't leave me with very many options.

    I mostly watch the same ocean documentaries that I've already watched over and over again and just fast forward through the bits where a killer whale eats a seal. Never the less, I've wracked my brain to tally a list of movies that I really enjoy. Let it serve as a guide to get to know me better and also as a great list of movies where nothing bad happens.

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    I'm pretty sure the worst thing that happens in this movie is the constant threat that they might get into a bit of trouble and that's a shadow of danger that I'm willing to live in. A telling off is an acceptable level of risk and I like the bit where everybody dances although I'm pretty sure it was staged.

    Ferris Bueller Gif

    Dirty Dancing

    The worst thing that happens in this movie is when Penny is failed by a sexist and non compassionate patriarchal health system. But then she gets some help and theres also all this fun dancing stuff that happens on the side.

    Dirty Dancing Gif Baby In A Corner

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    Nothing bad happens in this movie. It's just scheming and games and if you don't care about stolen money then it's okay. Probably don't watch it though if your'e a lonely rich old lady because then I think it classes as a horror flick for you.

    Tumblr M5fy6og3gy1qi66kho1 500

    Inside Out

    I don't know who writes these kinds of Pixar movies because I'm always crying during the credits, but this one was a sweetly layered movie that I was immediately invested in. It's amazing to have a children's film that deals with such universal challenges. Nothing too bad happens in it because it's a cartoon.

    Inside Out Gif Sadness Blog Meme


    Man, that kid really loved playing the drums. A bit of bad stuff happens in it, but because he likes playing the drums so much it doesn't even matter. I didn't find it too stressful to watch because I knew that he could always go and go back to uni and study typing and walk into a secretary job whenever he wanted, or at least that's what my mum tells me I can do if comedy doesn't work out.

    Whiplash Death Gif Drunk And Sober


    This movie came out a few years ago and I loved it for the sheer fact that literally nothing bad happens in it. The worst scene is at the very start where he gets a bad review (Hey, it happens man) and leaves his job. The rest is just a steady build of good things happening until the end where everyone is really happy. I think they drop a sandwich at one point during the climax but then they make another one and everything is fine.

    Chef Movie Gif Cheese Grill

    Little Miss Sunshine

    Okay, a few bad things happen in this but it's worth sticking through the bit where the grandpa dies to get to watch the awesome dance that he choreographed at the end. It's probably my favourite scene in any movie.

    Little Miss Sunshine Gif

    The Rage in Placid Lake

    It's a little cheesy, but I love this movie. The worst part is where the main character placid has to work in an office for a little while to show his hippy parents that they've wronged him.

    Rage In Placid Lake Og My God Gif

    Strictly Ballroom

    Again, the only real emotional risk in this film is whether or not the two main characters are going to do a good pasodoble or not and I don't find that too stressful because I can't even do a bad pasodoble and I'm getting along just fine.

    Strictly Ballroom Gif

    And for number ten I can't really think of one but if you type in 'Baby Bat Burritos' into youtube you'll find the best thing on the internet.

    Thanks for reading, I hope you'll come to visit my show in the fake swimming pool I'm setting up at ACMI.

    Laura Davis Marco. Polo. runs from 24 Mar - 17 Apr at ACMI.

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