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A picture of comedian kate Denhert promoting her 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show
  • Comedian Kate Dehnert's Top 10 Films


    Posted on: 21/03/2016

    Ahead of her show Shabamalam at ACMI for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Kate Dehnert shares her Top 10 films (and one TV show!)

    Hello, people of ACMI. I am a silly comedian who likes big ideas and crazy schemes. My festival shows tend to be full of storylines, noises and have been described as psychedelic. 

    I went to film school so this list ought to be more internationally varied and full of things that you've never heard of before, but because deep down I am a ham, so we are going to be fairly approachable (Kate falls down the stairs whilst describing this to you).

    Here is my very well-to-do list of my favourite cinema things!



    This movie had a huge impact on me when I was a kid. Some reasons:

    One: Jodie is allllllll Jodie in this.

    Two: Jodie's character don't do nuthin' for no one but Jodie.

    Three: Jodie's in space. 

    Four: Jodie is her own flipping person. And her pursuit was not to serve a dude's storyline in a dramatic movie. It was to do her flipping job. And she really cared about that job. Also she doesn't have that sort of 'movie chick' high pitched voice that I could never relate to in movies (join me, deep voiced women, one day we'll all group together in a city square, start talking, and everyone will think there's an earthquake nearby). 

    This movie was everything to me because there were so few movies back then that felt I represented me (a female). Probably because she was going through the very relatable experience of whipping through space and time and I was a 10 year old in a living room. 

    Shut Up and Play the Hits

    This is such a killer concert movie. Something I've always loved about LCD Soundsystem is how they don't care about being cool and that makes them REAL CHILL. There's so much love in the room and it's sort of a celebration funeral. Incredibly bittersweet but mainly just a really really good show as they play their final concert ever at Madison Square Gardens. 

    Alllllthough....they just announced they have made a new album and will be touring it. FINGERS CROSSED FOR LE AUSTRALIA.

    Part of the Weekend Never Dies

    Tour doco/exploration of all the things Soulwax. I like the flow of this and also how much it just makes you want to move. your. ass. and dance. Or get your own thing done. Also a nice little capture of the alternative-disco/electro-type time.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    This is like watching magic. 

    Exploring real life emotions through some fantastic, tricksy cinema. Huge fan of Michel Gondry and his innovative music videos. Either way, the tricks compliment and never seem to get in the way of the emotional heart of this movie. 

    The Meaning of Life

    Don Hertzfeldt is an astute and hilarious animator. I want to make comedy like his animations. Go watch all of them. He's great. I like the questions he asks. 


    Female relationships done right. Hilarious.

    Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

    How many times can you watch Austin Powers and still get things out of it? NO AMOUNT OF TIMES - THAT'S HOW MANY. 

    I love this silly, free abandon. 

    It takes me back to simpler times and sort of reminds me of that kind of free, easy humour we all have in high-school before we over analyse it during Uni and buy too many leather jackets to go with the ironic t-shirts. 

    The Brady Bunch Movie

    Jan Brady is everything. 

    Tumblr N260sc1had1qd8z4bo1 500

    A Very Brady Sequel

    Jan Brady is everything, again. 

    Jan Brady A Very Brady Sequel Blog Meme Gif

    Spaced (TV Show)

    When I watched this I wanted to be Edgar Wright but now I'm sort of becoming more like Jessica Hynes. I'm happy to end up as Marsha. I know Marsha isn't real. Not until I become her anyway. 

    I like the 'early days' vibes this show has now. Even though they were proper people with funding and everything it sort of seems like it could be an attainable show to make with mates. 

    And now, I disappear into the darkness (where I fall down the other set of stairs).

    Kate Dehnert's Shabamalam runs from 24 Mar - 17 Apr at ACMI.

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