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The Soundmaker 3 Feature
  • The Soundmaker


    Posted on: 01/11/2015

    The Soundmaker (Trilogy of Failure I), 2004

    Three-channel video installation

    The Soundmaker, like Stunned Man, is a highly staged work shot on a film set. It uses carefully choreographed capturing and editing techniques to craft an elliptical portrait of a Foley artist and his doppelgänger. Like much of Rosefeldt’s work, The Soundmaker is both an exploration of the processes of movie-making and a metaphor for the futility and absurdity of daily life. Reflecting upon the constructedness of cinema by revealing the film’s set, it simultaneously acts as a metaphor for the mechanics of life.

    The Soundmaker 2 Feature

    In the film and television industries, the Foley artist is used to make everyday, ambient sound-effects. The sound of a door slamming, a dog barking or a typewriter tapping is created in post-production to imbue a sense of authenticity and atmosphere. Good Foley art goes unnoticed by the audience, and its effects are seamless.

    The Soundmaker Feature

    Like Stunned Man and Deep Gold, The Soundmaker is concerned with artifice. The central screen profiles a man obsessively rearranging the furniture in his apartment, assembling a personal Tower of Babel in the middle of the room as he goes. The two accompanying scenes, shot in aerial and frontal perspective, depict a sonic translation of this activity through the humble process of sound-making. For Rosefeldt, the Foley artist is a stand-in for the Sisyphean task of life, and there is an absurdist quality to his actions.

    Julian Rosefeldt: Manifseto runs from 9 December 2015 to 13 March 2016.

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