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    Posted on: 01/11/2015

    Stunned Man (Trilogy of Failure II), 2004

    Two-channel video installation

    The figure of the alter-ego or doppelgänger appears throughout Rosefeldt’s three-part, multi-channel film installation Trilogy of Failure (2004–2005). In Stunned Man, the second work in the series, two screens show the same domestic interior – each a mirror image of the other. In one apartment, a young man jumps through walls, falling onto tables, and generally causing havoc and destruction. In the other, his double calmly makes a snack, working at his computer, and browsing his bookcase. Rosefeldt’s camera pans back and forth along the length of the apartment, shuttling from the hallway to the bathroom as the action unfolds.

    Julian Rosefeldt Stunned Bl

    Stunned Man’s two contrasting scenes converge when the man, played by a professional stuntman, plunges through the bathroom mirror into the next apartment. At the same time, his double walks through the front door of the trashed studio and begins to clean and tidy. While the work initially reads as a simple transference of mirror images, on closer inspection it becomes evident that the apartments are not in fact identical. A workroom is momentarily overrun by plants in one panning shot, while the poster of a Luis Buñuel film and a book, aptly titled Bluff, refuse to be mirrored on one screen. Like The Soundmaker (2004), the first piece in the trilogy, Stunned Man disrupts the mechanics of time and space, using filmmaking tropes to dissolve spatial boundaries and confuse meaning.

    Julian Rosefeldt Stunned Ma

    The Stunned Man appears in Julian Rosefeldt: Manifseto runs from 9 December 2015 to 13 March 2016.

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