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Close up of Gillian Armstrong in a studio.
  • Gillian Armstrong's Top 5 Films


    Posted on: 31/08/2015

    With a film career spanning over 40 years locally and internationally, award-winning Australian film and documentary director Gillian Armstrong discusses her career and shares her top five favourite films of all time.

    From the mind-boggling visuals of Orlando to the expert costume design of Baby Face, these video excerpts focus on her favourite films. The podcast captures the full evening with Gillian Armstrong.

    You can see Gillian's acclaimed documentary on Oscar-winning Australian costume designer Orry-Kelly, Women He's Undressed until 28 November.


    "I just thought it was such brave filmmaking..."

    Baby Face

    "Orry-Kelly designed the costumes for Barbara Stanwyck... it shows what costume does in a character or arch."

    The Piano

    "I've gotta tell you that people come up to me and congratulate me for it all the time..."

    Lost in Translation

    "She's got a unique style and creates a whole world and takes you into a world, which I think the best directors do."

     Seven Beauties

    "This was the first film I'd seen that was directed by a woman and my feeling is [Lina Wertmüller] made this film to have a go at the whole Italian-honour-macho thing."

    Castaway with Gillian Armstrong Podcast:

    Listen to the entire evening unfold on the Podcast!

    Women He's Undressed screens until 28 November.

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