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A man with orange hair like David Bowie in a theatre giving a lecture Dr Will Brooker
  • Bowie Symposium Keynote - Dr Will Brooker


    Posted on: 29/07/2015

    In the opening week of David Bowie is, Dr. Will Brooker, Professor of Film and Cultural Studies at Kingston University, London, delivered a keynote presentation entitled, Time Again: Narrative, History and Identity in the Work of David Bowie.

    How do we make sense of the various characters, stories, cultural echoes and cross-references in the work of David Bowie?

    How can we map the relationship between the identities he adopts within songs, albums and performances, and where does the real life of David Jones figure in this network? This paper begins to sketch a 'Bowie Matrix' of chronology and connections, drawing on Mikhail Bakhtin's theory of the chronotope to track the recurring themes and call-backs in Bowie's lyrics from the 1960s to the 2010s.

    Below is an extract of Will Brooker's Bowie Symposium Keynote Address. The entire film will be available soon in the Australian Mediatheque.

    Will Brooker is the author of numerous books on popular culture and its audiences, including Batman Unmasked, Using the Force, Alice's Adventures, The Blade Runner Experience and Hunting the Dark Knight.  His next monograph, Forever Stardust, is a full-length study of David Bowie.

    David Bowie is exhibits at ACMI until Nov 1 2015.

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