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Cate Blanchett at ACMI, Australian Centre for the Moving Image
  • 10 Awesome ACMI Moments in 2015


    Posted on: 31/12/2015

    Every year we screen hundreds of films, host dozens upon dozens of workshops and talks, and curate several large scale exhibitions. And each year we're abolutely thrilled with the talented artists, academics and performers who join us in our building.

    We'd like to say a big thank you to our collaborators and to you, our fans, for another year celebrating the moving image in its myriad forms!

    Here are 10 very excellent moments which happened at ACMI in 2015. Excuse us, we may get a tad emotional (#emosh).

    1. Our China Up Close Talk

    01 Acmi Moments Growing Up Chinese

    Our Growing Up Chinese in Australia talk, which was part of our China Up Close program, was a fantastic day of insightful discussion from various authors and writers in our Chinese community.

    The panel discussed their experiences of being raised in Australia, which were both funny and poignant, for example when people expected them to know putonghua or feng shui. They had us at ni hao.

    2. ROMA! Our screening of La Notte Brava

    02 Acmi Moments La Notte Brava

    When we found out that we were screening a rare restored, stunning 35mm print of La Notte Brava (all the way from the lovely folks at Luce Cinecitta in Rome) we were pretty damn excited. Part of our commitment to celebrating film is also ensuring people have the opportunity to see original prints alongside our digital collections.

    It was worth it. The incandescent movie stars and Italian nightlife shone just that little bit brighter on the new print.

    3. Bowie Fandom

    03 Acmi Moments Bowie Fandom

    We knew there were die-hard Bowie fans in Australia, but the level of knowledge and adoration for the performer which our David Bowie is exhibition unearthed was unreal. It was wonderful to see the icon through the eyes of so many loyal Bowie lovers.

    Bowie as a cultural phenomenon was discussed in our Bowie Symposium, from his screen presence to influencing others on the screen, pushing fashion and gender norms and, obviously, impacting on music forever.

    4. Total Giovanni gig

    04 Acmi Moments Total Giovanni

    Bowie's music, acting and artistry has influenced our lives so profoundly. So it's no surprise that we had some fantastic artists lining up to be part of our Bowie Late Nights gigs. We were blown away when Total Giovanni played to a capacity crowd in our Lightwell and everything was so very right and perfect in the universe during that gig.

    5. David Stratton talking Bergman

    05 Acmi Moments Stratton On Bergman Talk

    The name David Stratton is synonymous with the Australian film industry. When he curated a film program for us focusing on master auteur, Ingmar Bergman, we were thrilled. A highlight was Stratton giving a talk and discussing his life-long esteem for the filmmaker's work and how it personally sparked and motivated his career in the film industry.

    6. Muppet decals

    06 Acmi Moments Muppet Decals

    As our Muppets, Music and Magic: The Legacy of Jim Henson film program was so full of vibrancy and life, we decided to do a little bit of decorating around the building. Muppets started popping up everywhere in the form of an ACMI-wide Muppet Treasure Trail! Visitors had lots of fun finding them, but we had just as much fun putting them up.

    7. Gillian Armstrong and Orry-Kelly

    07 Acmi Moments Gillian Armstrong Orry Kelly

    It was an honour to have Gillian Armstrong, director of Women He's Undressed, in the building to talk all things Orry-Kelly. The filmmaker shone a light on Orry and his achievements, including the three Oscars he won! Working closely with our curators on our Orry-Kelly: Dressing Hollywood exhibition, Armstrong provided some fascinating stories about the costume designer's work and the intricacies of his life.

    8. War Pictures

    08 Acmi Moments War Pictures

    Given this year marked 100 years since ANZAC involvement in the First World War, we were fortunate to contribute to the national commemoration. War Pictures is an exhibition dedicated to screening rare movies which screened at the time of the war and also propaganda pieces circulated during the time of conflict. We're very proud to say that it is also now touring nationally for many more people to experience what was the sentiment at the time, expressed through the moving image.

    9. Julian Rosefeldt, Cate Blanchett and Manifesto

    09 Acmi Moments Julian Rosefeldt And Cate Blanchett

    Manifesto showcases Julian Rosefeldt's latest work that questions the role of the artist in society today. In a beautifully orchestrated series of manifestos throughout history, Cate Blanchett embodies a dozen different personas, performing each piece through the lens of an artistic movement.

    Having the pair present at the opening of the exhibition to see the initial reactions of visitors was truly a wonderful highlight for us. Watching Cate watching herself on screen was all kinds of meta.

    10. You

    10 Acmi Moments You Are Awesome

    And, of course, you are one of our favourite moments this year too (yes, it's ok, you can get teary, we did). We wouldn't be ACMI without your support, love, and appreciation.

    Thank you for keeping our galleries, cinemas, workshop spaces, studios, Mediatheque, cafe & bar, shop and Lightwell full of smart and attractive people.

    From everyone at ACMI, Happy New Year and holidays! We look forward to a brilliant 2016 with you.

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