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Img Blog New Women Ii Feature Yang Fudong, 'The Coloured Sky: New Women II', 2014
  • Yang Fudong's 'The Coloured Sky: New Women II'


    Posted on: 02/12/2014

    This week, ACMI will unveil its next major exhibition, Yang Fudong: Filmscapes, the first-ever career survey of the acclaimed Chinese artist’s works in Australia, including a brand new work proudly co-commissioned by ACMI and the Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki. Yang Fudong is front and centre of ACMI’s special summer program, China Up Close, which casts a spotlight on Chinese culture and society through moving image art.

    Yang Fudong: Filmscapes explores the social effects of China’s rapid evolution on contemporary life in China. A new frontier of economic opportunity and urbanisation has led to a displacement between tradition and modernity, which is at the centre of Yang Fudong’s artistic enquiry.

    In his latest five-channel work, The Coloured Sky: New Women II (2014), a trio of ingénues are depicted in a surreal, oneiric microcosm. Like the dilemma that confronts them, the intimacy presented through these women teetering on the brink of sexuality is both luring and challenging. As seen in the nymphs and sirens of Ancient Greece and the films Picnic at Hanging Rock and The Virgin Suicides, the work touches on one of the enduring archetypes of myth - the mystery, vulnerability and sexual power of nascent womanhood.

    Audiences will experience a new phase in Yang Fudong's oeurve with The Coloured Sky: New Women II (2014), which marks a departure from Yang Fudong’s signature 35mm black-and-white film for high-definition colour video. Reflecting on his new approach, Yang Fudong said: "I have made a lot of black-and-white films, but this time I chose digital video to make a coloured work. This was a very important experiment in understanding the ways that colour video can improve or change the narration. This project has given me the courage to explore new ideas and support other breakthroughs."

    Yang Fudong: Filmscapes offers audiences an intimate, and often confronting experience, as they delve into the inner struggles and anxieties of a contemporary nation navigating its way through a momentous era of transition.

    Scroll down for an image gallery of Yang Fudong's The Coloured Sky: New Women II (2014).

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