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    Posted on: 14/02/2014

    To some people it looks like a giant disco glitter-ball, and to others it’s an alien spaceship that has somehow landed in the Sensation area of our Screen Worlds Exhibition.

    Img Blog Hugo Weaving

    I’m talking about the magnificent Timeslice attraction, which has proved to be a massive hit with visitors since Screen Worlds opened in September 2009, and continues to be one of the ‘must-do’ experiences for visitors from near and far.

    Based on the famous ‘Bullet Time’ sequences from the original Wachowski Brothers 1999 film The Matrix, in which Keanu Reeves, Hugo Weaving and Carrie-Anne Moss seemingly float and rotate while escaping bullets and each other’s balletic martial arts moves, Timeslice replicates the sensation of floating and freezing in mid air whilst being filmed.

    So how does it work? Well the Timeslice consists of 59 silver panels on the outside of the pod and 36 cameras on the inside set into a ‘Digital Rain’ computer code background. These cameras, when triggered, create a wonderful 360 degree animation.

    One recent visitor was explaining to his friend that Timeslice “is really cool, and then you get to email yourself!” and to date more than 186,000 animation emails have been sent to addresses all around the world.

    Many visitors take several turns at rehearsing their moves before sending their emails, and over the years our Visitor Services team has observed some spectacular flying displays within the attraction, and even the occasional (mild) 3D romantic moment being captured for posterity!

    A quick trawl through YouTube reveals that quite a few visitors have uploaded their immersive experience, and without fail everyone seems to leave Timeslice having had a thoroughly entertaining experience.

    - Mike Childs, Visitor Services Officer

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