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  • Intermix Animation Challenge


    Posted on: 24/11/2014

    Animation has been a big focus at ACMI in 2014 as we unveiled the blockbuster exhibition DreamWorks Animation: The Exhibition. To give young people an insight into the animation process and experience the intricate art form first hand, the ACMI Intermix program presented an extended workshop series over 5 months that followed the animation pipeline from start to finish. Taking guidance from professional writer Leanne Hall and animator Isobel Knowles, the attendees began with a concept, which slowly developed into a series of four short narratives. These vignettes were stitched together to make a compelling animation both philosophically conceptual and beautifully animated. Below are some thoughts from the young animators who took part in this exciting program.

    Img Blog Intermixac Isobell 500X400

    Professional animator Isobel Knowles

    Elly Hosking

    The ACMI workshop was very exciting and I learnt a lot. I never knew there were that many different types of animation and how time consuming (not that you really notice when it flies by) the separate types could be, not to mention all the little extras, like sounds and special effects, that can really bring your work to life. Even just the little, almost unnoticeable touches can be a big help with your animations. It was really good how the different ages and skill levels didn’t matter at all because we all wanted to do the same thing, and that was animate. The things I learnt and skills I developed will be a huge help to me in the following years and I’m really happy that I got the chance to do it.

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    The making of Elly Hosking’s 'Egg Revolution'

    Samantha Hargreaves

    The animation challenge was a great experience, and one that has taught me a great deal about the animation process. Prior to the workshops, I had no clue how time consuming it really was to animate a single character, let alone a three-minute short film (I have no idea how people have patience for a feature length film)! It was so tedious, but incredibly satisfying seeing the final product. My group were all so lovely, it was a pleasure to work with them, cutting out bird wings, little blue, wandering souls, and red swings. My friendly team members made it all the more fun.

    One thing that I’ve really began to realise since the final editing sessions is just how important sound is within a film. It set the scene and gave the mood to our animation, and would have been quite boring without it. We had fun making sound effects with plastic bags and celery sticks. The reverse bell trick was one of my favourite sound-effects, one that I have added to my VCE Drama solo soundtrack! It was an enlightening experience and has given me many skills to take into the future.

    Artist Isobel Knowles drawing on a whiteboard

    Samantha Hargreaves animating 'The Beginning of Time'

    Emily Graham

    Participating in the animation challenge was an amazing experience. Working in a team of people with similar interests under the guidance of an experienced animator meant that there was so much to learn each day. It initially seemed crazy to fuse so many different personalities and ideas into a single production, but it really worked! This workshop was a great experience that taught me a lot and challenged my creative thinking. I’m really looking forward to any more opportunities that come up at ACMI in the future!

    Cutout animation techniques

    Emily Graham working hard at the Intermix Animation Challenge

    In the end, the attendees of the 2014 Intermix Animation Challenge produced a quirky animated short called The Wanderer.

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