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ACMI Ticketing Desk, Federation Square, Melbourne ACMI Ticketing Desk, Federation Square, Melbourne
  • About Us

    A unique institution at the heart of Melbourne's iconic meeting place, Federation Square, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) celebrates, explores and promotes the moving image in all its forms - film, television, games and digital culture.

    Through award-winning Australian and international exhibitions, films, festivals, live events, creative workshops, education programs and resources, ACMI provides unsurpassed ways to engage with the moving image.

    Starting life as the State Film Centre in 1946, ACMI evolved from being a collection-based institution to an internationally recognised hub for screening and advocacy, screen education, industry engagement and audience involvement.

    As a major cultural, tourism and learning attraction, ACMI is an integral element in Melbourne's position as one of the world's truly creative cities.

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    Our Mission

    To enrich our lives and foster our creative industries by illuminating the moving images and technologies that define our age.

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    Our Vision

    • To be the leading global museum of the moving image – across art, film & TV, games, digital culture and emerging forms
    • To connect makers, thinkers, viewers and players in a vibrant space - both physical and digital - that embraces the future, understands the past and unlocks new types of creativity
    • To enable dynamic access to our collections, resources and stories, fostering participation and collaboration for the creative industries and the public at large
    • To empower our community to become creative and critical consumers and producers of the moving image

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    Our Values

    We believe…

    the moving image is accessible to all

    we invite and welcome visitors and colleagues from all walks of life to contribute to and feel ownership of our institution

    innovation requires experimentation and risk taking

    we enable a culture that embraces creative risk taking,  supporting bold ideas and new voices with energy and commitment

    collaboration enables real accomplishment

    we foster and value partnerships working collegially with our colleagues inside and outside the organisation with openness honesty and transparency

    creative expression takes diverse forms

    we support freedom of expression and embrace diversity by being inclusive, fair and respectful

    in working together with integrity and respect

    we are fair and trustworthy in all of our dealings, we are honest and clear with compassion and empathy, and we respect diversity and difference

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